What we do

Aero48 is a new Aircraft Maintenance Service located at Hangar 48 in the Villeneuve Airport just northwest of Alberta's Capital, Edmonton. Unlike most Aircraft maintenance services, we offer a unique approach to aircraft maintenance through our Managed Maintenance Service. We are here to make sure your plane is ready to take off when you are.

Our Services

  • Annual or phase inspections
  • Unscheduled maintenance
  • Import inspections
  • Parts procurement
  • Aircraft storage
  • Managed Maintenance 

Managed Maintenance Service

We understand there is a lot involved in owning and operating an aircraft and it’s easy to find yourself with less and less time to go flying. Our goal at Aero48 is to seamlessly manage your aircraft maintenance so you can focus on flying. We recognize the hassles of planning annuals and other inspections so we’ve introduced our Managed Maintenance Service. Tailored to your aircraft and flying individual needs, this eliminates the burden of owning an aircraft. Simply put, the Managed Maintenance Service allows you to let go and focus on flying through a customized plan paid monthly.

Depending on your requirements, we can bundle any number of the following services including:

  • Aircraft digital technical records tracking, with a personal login to monitor your aircraft's serviceability status and history at anytime from anywhere
  • Tracking and notifications of upcoming scheduled maintenance;
  • Annual or phase inspections
  • Scheduled out-of-phase maintenance
  • Continual AD and SB monitoring and compliance
  • Aircraft storage (indoor or outdoor)

Your bundle will be assessed annually and set to a fixed monthly payment at our preferable shop rate. This way, unless there are unscheduled service requirements, your maintenance costs will always be planned allowing you to focus on flying!

What to Expect

During the initial setup, we will require information from you regarding your aircraft type(s), routine and any concerns you have with your current maintenance schedule. This will help us establish a plan tailored to you and your aircraft needs. If your plan requires hangarage, we would like to invite you to our beautiful hangar located at Villeneuve Airport, north of Edmonton, AB.  During the initial setup, we will also provide you with a system login so you can access your maintenance records at any-time.

Colin Profile.jpg

Colin Thorburn

President & Director of MaintenancE

Colin is a fully licensed, 11-year Aircraft Maintenance Engineer who holds his M1 and M2 licenses. Having worked on a variety of single and twin engine aircraft, helicopters, and transport category jets, Colin holds a wide range of experience. With an impeccable safety record in the aviation industry as an engineer and as an aircraft fleet manager, you can trust Colin to fully maintain your aircraft at the highest standards. 


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